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OK, so I have been at my firewalker retreat and have totally let everyone down on keeping up to date on the great things the world of metal has given us. Here in Texas, we just regurgitated another SXSW onto unsuspecting music industry types. Riots. Beer. Probably a couple of lucky people out there got to witness Agalloch, Pentagram and St. Vitus. Records have been uploaded and downloaded from Brooklyn to here to Iceland.

I had a couple of cool gigs come thru my part of this whacked out state and will share some of my experience with you a little later. In the meantime:

Listening: Owen Hart-Owen Hart// Melvins- the Maggot// Isis- the Absence of Truth//Jesus Lizard- Goat// Fugazi-Repeater

Watched: Until the Light Takes Us and a bunch of Bourdain’s No Reservations

and I had Pho for the first time. Not bad.


In the beginning.

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When the world first exploded into a giant flaming mass, no good or evil could have imagined what could possibly descend from a small steel town in Birmingham, England. Nothing could prepare a soul against the forces that wrought such monolithic powers. And it was from just three notes.

We all know it. The storm moves stealthily o’er the small village and in the near distance the church bells keep a rhythm laden with doom. It’s coming. The three chords that created and open dark gates, a new realm of panic for teachers, parents and priests everywhere. DUN-DUM-DAAAAAH!!! That figure in black stands perfect. This is nothing but the great Black Sabbath.

In the beginning, we were created by chords and a cool hippie beat. Blues had once again turned its body inside out and found a final resting place in heavy metal. Sources may differ about the beginning but I fully believe that inside the quartet of Black Sabbath it birthed the most long-lasting genre that is still being created by courageous and extreme men and women. Pop may have still have a breath left in it but those of us who have lived with metal longer than we haven’t can just wear our uniform of band patches and shut the door on their flaccid faces. We have prevailed. Thank you, Black Sabbath.

Here at Birth School Metal Death, we will all explore the ongoing world of metal while giving a due respect to those that came before us in the blues. We shake hands with and bash heads with punk because they like that shit and sometimes we really theirs. Some of you guys in alternative are cool so we’ll just mention you every once in a while but don’t get used to it.

If you like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Judas Priest, Suffocation, Enslaved, Tool, Melvins, Agalloch, Slayer, Metallica, Testament, Motorhead, Dio, Mayhem, Mastodon, High on Fire and all that’s under the nails, please come back. Let’s throw up the horns almighty and getcha pull!

Live Wire!

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Gettin’ down to just a few days before this is scraping the skulls of the weak.  What do you want to see? More blood? Drama? Comments have been turned up to 11 for my listening pleasure.


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Written In Stone – a weekly submission on the essential albums or records from the creators of the darkest, crustiest, thrashiest, grimiest and most extreme music to scorch your mind!! These are the ones that are WRITTEN IN STONE!!

Want more?


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Coming soon!

 A completely imperfect world deserves a perfect soundtrack. It’s part of your life. It is my life.

Insights, reviews, interviews and drama. Welcome to your new family. Now let’s go get some tacos.

Live February 13, 2011.